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Friday, April 5, 2013

Day After The Baptism

The day after the girls baptism was really fun! We went to the Portland Temple and walked around the grounds and visited the Visitors Center.
The girls had so much fun with Curtis and Sheree's little boy Jay!

So much Fun!!!

Curtis, Sheree, and Jay
Sheree, me, and Mom!
Next stop. Portland! We had to get some VooDoo Donuts! They were so good!
Debbie, Jay and Curtis chowing down!

And off to the Japanese Gardens in Downtown. At least I think it's the Japanese, could be Chinese, Sorry we talked about going to both! The kids had so much fun finding all the hidden snakes!

It was a wonderful day! The sun was shining bright and the breeze was blowing light! So happy everyone that could come did! It was a beautiful weekend we will fondly remember always! Thank you!

Fun in Cannon Beach

Anytime my mom comes up to visit us there is one thing we are sure to do without fail...go to Cannon Beach! For those of you not familiar with the Oregon Coast, all I can say is I'm so sorry. We may not have white sand beaches, miles of blue skies, or sun for that matter. But anytime you go you are sure to have a great time! The shopping at the coast is awesome, the adventures you can have on the sand are amazing, and if you go a little further north than we usually go you can get to the beach where they filmed Goonies!

This Goonies?
Yes, this Goonies!

On the way to the coast, traveling west down highway 26 you will eventually come to an awesome little place called Camp 18. It used to be an old logging camp, and now it's a museum/restaurant/gift shop! 
Here's Aunt Cyndee

The girls loved showing Camp 18 to Auntie Cyndee!

Time to Eat!

Finally at Cannon Beach! Shopping + Ice cream + Family = Awesome Day!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Draw Near Unto Me

On March 24th my beautiful daughters were baptized and confirmed. It is a day I will never forget. It was filled with so much love, from people who came from far and near. As you will see in these photos, it is a day they will hold dear too!
The girls got these beautiful towels from a very talented woman in our ward. She did a beautiful job on them and the girls just love them!
Here they are in front of the font. They were so excited!!!

The girls asked for cupcakes to be served following the service. They were a hit! These are the little trays I made for them, but I'm not sure many cupcakes actually got on the trays!

Elder S and Kaitlyn. She loves the missionaries!

Elorna, Nana, Jay, and Kaitlyn before the baptism!

The four of us. Not the best picture, but all smiles!

Jack with his Aunt Cyndee from So. Cal. She came all the way up just for this!

The elders, the girls, and Brother Koehle and Brother Shaffer.

One of our favorite teachers came! Mrs. Batchler, Elorna's 3rd grade teacher!

The girls and the Jorgensens. So glad they got to be there!

Bishop Mair and his wife with the girls. She gave a really great talk on confirmation. Jay snuck in at the last moment! Such a cutie bug!

Kaitlyn, Christian, and Elorna.

The day couldn't have been better, it was perfect for them!

Éirinn go Brách

For St. Patrick's Day this year, we drove up to visit with my dear friend Tracie in Washington. My mom was visiting and so was hers, all the way from the Philippines. We had decided earlier that month that we would make each other granny squares so we could make a hugs blanket, for those times when we miss each other. We can just bust that bad boy out and surround ourselves with love!
I am still working on mine, but I'll show it off when it's done! We also had the chance to go to her niece's 19th birthday party! We just love Ivana, she's an amazing girl.
Tracie, Teresa and me! Don't we look smashing!

Yep! This is more how we normally are!

Mums and Daughters! Love these ladies!

Ivana, Mrs. Hughes, Tracie, Teresa, Me, and my mommy!
Just the young ones, minus David, not sure where he took off to!
Ivana, Mary, Elorna, and Kaitlyn!

Hope you all had a fantastic St. Patrick's Day too!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day

So the girls needed new pictures for Valentine's Day. I know, I know I just haven't taken enough pictures of these two! So here are a few of their pictures. The ones by themselves are for their class Valentine's cards. It will have a lolly stuck in it, that's why their hands are out!

Their hands are supposed to be making a heart.

More pictures coming for St. Patrick's Day!